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Our Aim

To protect and grow client's wealth by providing ongoing and tailored advice based on our long term knowledge of our clients.

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Your Financial Needs

Because we are Independent Financial Advisers we can explore all of the options available in the market. We are here to put the wealth in your wealth management.

When you meet with us you might be looking for a solution for all of your financial needs or just one or a few aspects of your finances. There are times when you will need protection and others when you are looking to make an investment or maximise your income in retirement or provide for IHT protection.

Retirement – Planning for and taking your income

Planning for retirement involves tax planning, investment planning, and a thorough working knowledge of the complicated rules that govern the many types of past and present pension schemes in force in the UK. Our retirement planning service will find the best way for you to accumulate adequate funds for your retirement, as well as advising you on how to get the best value from your pension fund when you decide to draw your benefits.

We specialise in helping Clients through the choice of retirement options, and the debate on annuity/drawdown. We have been advising Clients on lifestyle and medically enhanced annuities since their inception and drawdown since the mid 1990s.

Being completely independent, we are able to access retirement pension planning products and funds from the whole market, ensuring that each Client receives the very best mix of products and investments for their particular circumstances.

Investments and Savings

We help Clients and their families to protect and build their wealth using a range of products from the straightforward but valuable New Individual Savings Accounts through to more complex products such as Venture Capital Trusts and Enterprise Investments Schemes. We use our knowledge of your individual and family circumstances to ensure that the products and investments are appropriate and remain so by regularly reviewing your Portfolio.


The best laid plans of any individual or business can be put in jeopardy by an unexpected accident, illness or death. It is possible to safeguard against the financial consequences of all of these events, usually for far less than you think, and we would recommend that all Clients should fully consider this aspect of Financial Planning as a first priority.


If you have your own business, or provide benefits for your employees you can benefit from our expertise.

What we can do:

  • Paying Income Tax and National Insurance – we can work with you for the most tax efficient ways of you using the regulations for you and your staff to benefit.
  • Automatic Enrolment where you are required to have a staff pension in place - pensions are our speciality.
  • Staff retention and motivation – health care -including dental and health screening, income protection
  • Life assurance – for you as the head of the company and group life assurance, relevant life policies and Keyperson cover for your employees
  • The best solutions to maximise your income through tax planning, investment, and trusts. We will work with you to structure your company and personal tax planning to make sure you keep more of the profits you’ve earned.

Inheritance Tax

When the time comes you want to be sure your hard earned money and assets go to the people you want to benefit - your family or other dependants and not to the Tax Man.

There are a wide range of measures, some simple, and others more complex, that you can take quite legally, to avoid paying too much of your hard earned capital to HMRC. These solutions may include the use of life insurance contracts to meet the tax liability when due or as tax wrappers for investment portfolios as well as other vehicles to enable you to retain control of your assets and their ultimate destination.

Wealth Management

We offer a range of solutions to assist you in the retention and growth of your accumulated wealth from in-house investment management using multi asset funds and individual funds to produce an overall portfolio, to the use of external Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs).

The ideal solution(s) for you may well involve the use of different elements for various parts of your wealth, and we are experienced in liaising with different DFMs to ensure that they match your requirements for capital retention and growth or income.

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